For me Tinder is a weird place. You only have a split second to make a good impression, with a limitation of 5 pictures and just a couple of hundred characters, which people might not even read. The small selections of pictures the users pick, tells me something abou their self perception. Everybody tries to be as individual and spontaneous as possible, but all these man can be categorized. I've collected over a thousand pictures and put organised them within a 300 page book. The printed version is not censored, but will also not be published.

Hard copy version can be requested .





The Flippable Field was part of the Groningen Energize Festival, 2014. It won second prize in both the jury and the visit vote.


The Flippable Field enables its user to grow plants on both sides of it's soil. It was included in the Energize Catalogue.


Created and designed by Kelly van Binsbergen and Marlies Draaisma.


In the Middle Ages, the church was the major backbone of society. Nowadays, this role has been taken over by the government. Instead of justifying your behaviour towards the church, you now have to confess your crimes towards the state. So how would it feel if you would mix up two contrasting intituions? Something very spiritual and make it business like and formal.


Next to that, confessing your sins to a person takes a lot of trust, but do we still have this same trust in a faceles nationwide organization?


You were able to confess your own sins through our form at the Night of Art and Science on May 24th, 2014 in Groningen.


Concept and execution by Evelien Cambré and BINS